Mrs401k Fees

Our Fees:

All of our 401k plans have:

  • $0 Setup fees
  • $0 Loan fees (Borrow up to 50% of your account balance from any brokerage house, investment account or asset custodian)
  • $0 Plan amendment fees
  • $0 Tax return preparation and filing fees (IRS Forms 5500 & 1099R).
  • $0 Termination fees

Solo or Individual 401k Plans: receives an annual fee equal to 1/4th of one percent of the total account value annually (25 basis points) (with a minimum fee of $25 per quarter, per participant regardless of account size).

  • 1/4th of one percent (.25%) of total plan assets annual administrative fee (with a minimum annual fee of $100 per participant)

Company 401k Plans (Companies with at least one non-spouse, non-owner W2 employee over age 21 who works more than 1,000 hours a year). receives an annual fee equal to $1,000 plus one-quarter of one percent (1/4th of one percent or 25 basis points) of the total plan assets. We have no per participant fees or minimum fees with Company 401k Plans.

  • 1/4th of one percent (.25%) of total plan assets annual administrative fee (plus an additional annual fee of $1,000. No other fees, minimum fees or per participant fees).

No hidden fees:

  • All of our administrative fees are paid directly by the Employer outside of plan assets as a deductible business expense. We automatically and electronically debit the Employer's bank account or charge a credit card for our fees on a quarterly basis.
  • We never debit the employee participant's account for any fees of any kind.
  • The custodian of assets charges separate transaction fees which are disclosed and assessed to the participant's account and mutual funds incur expense ratios. We neither set nor get any of these fees.
  • We receive $0 in sub-transfer agency fees.
  • We receive $0 in 12(b)(1) fees.
  • We receive $0 in placement fees (i.e. marketing fees, finders fees etc.)

Participants may invest in stocks, bonds and options and thousands of mutual funds. Many mutual funds have:

  • No broker's commission
  • No front loads
  • No back-end loads
  • No redemption fees
  • No 12(b)(1) fees does not set or get any commissions, fees or revenue sharing of any sort from the asset custodian(s) of the 401k plan. Any and all fees incurred with the asset custodian, including but not limited to transaction fees, account maintenance fees, custodial account fees, expense ratios and commissions are the sole responsibility of the customer. does not have any authority or control over the assets in the plan and may not withdraw any plan assets to pay our fees or for any other reason. We do not charge plan assets for any administrative fees. Our administrative fees are paid automatically and electronically by the employer from outside of plan assets. Our annual fees are pro-rated by quarter, assessed quarterly in arrears and subject to change by upon written notice to the Customer at least 3 months in advance.