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We are an independent Third Party Administrator for 401k plans providing personalized service and convenient, online, secure and encrypted 401k management reporting software.

We setup and administer low cost high choice 401k plans for companies of all sizes. Our 401k plans offer self-directed brokerage accounts with thousands of investment choices, including Stocks, Bonds, Mutual Funds (actively managed funds and index or passive funds) and Exchange Traded Funds (ETF's).We work with dozens of financial advisers, investment providers, asset custodians and brokerage houses such as TD Ameritrade, Vanguard, Fidelity, Schwab, Wells Fargo, Morgan Stanley, LPL (and many others), that provide investments in your 401k plan. Employers, plan sponsors and financial advisers select the investment providers and employees and their advisers select the investments.

Our mailing address is 2772 Roosevelt St #947, Carlsbad, California, 92008-1615, (, toll free fax: 888-448-3668; toll free voice message system: 800-474-3826).

We do not charge for technical support but questions and requests for support may, at our option, be answered by phone or email.

You may send an email to or

Call our toll free number 800-474-3826 and leave a detailed question or set of questions along with your phone number and email address.

Your inquiry will be answered promptly by return phone call or email. Responding by email permits us to send, when necessary, comprehensive written instructions, file attachments or links to forms or pages of our website where specific tasks can be accomplished and further instructions found. provides IRS approved 401k plan documents and an online record keeping software as a service, (a "Management Reporting System 401k") perhaps better known as Mrs401k.

Click here to see our 2014 IRS Determination letter and click here to see out 2020 IRS determination letter

Human Resources ("HR") Departments, Payroll services, CPA's, Financial Advisors and Fee only Planners, 401k Plan Administrators, Third Party Administrators ("TPA's"), Plan Trustees, Employers and the Self-employed, all use the Mrs401k online record keeping application to manage their 401k plans.

With our online 401k management reporting and record keeping system, users easily record contribution transactions such as type of 401k contribution (employee salary deferral, matching contributions, profit sharing, loan repayment etc..) along with the amount and date.

Users also easily record distribution transactions such as In-service distributions, Qualified rollovers, Early withdrawals, with and without exception, Loans, Hardship withdrawals, etc...) along with the amount and date.

Users also store plan documents in a secure online file cabinet, have access to and obtain employee enrollment notices, forms and instructions, generate loan applications and loan promissory notes, and keep employee census information up to date.

Testing and compliance for the plan in many cases is automated in real time, so you can see where your plan is at any time by keeping all the information in Mrs401k up to date.

You can search and filter the data on any field and order the columns by clicking on the column headings.

You can generate a wide variety of 401k reports at including:

  • Administrative fees paid and owed
  • Catch up contributions
  • Current and historical account balances
  • Current loan availability
  • Discretionary profit sharing contributions.
  • Employee id numbers
  • Employee ages and dates of birth
  • Employee dates of hire
  • Employees length of service
  • Employees dates of eligibility
  • Highly compensated employees
  • Matching contributions made
  • Matching contributions owed
  • Non Highly Compensated Employees
  • (Based on user census input, automatically determines who is a "Highly Compensated Employee" and who is a "Non-Highly Compensated Employee" and treats them accordingly for testing and compliance purposes.)
  • Key Employee
  • Non-Key Employees
  • (Based on user census input, automatically determines who is a "Key Employee" and who is a "Non-Key Employee" and treats them accordingly for testing and compliance purposes.)
  • Outstanding loan balances.
  • Pension Benefit Statements (Required by Federal Law and sent by email to your employees by at the touch of a button).
  • Request 1099R's be prepared and electronically filed with the IRS for your plan (no additional charge)
  • Salary deferral contributions, pre-tax
  • Salary deferral contributions, ROTH
  • Vested and unvested account balances
  • Worksheet for Form 5500 and 5500EZ
  • Yearly hours worked by employee
  • Search and filter 401k Contributions and Distributions on any field (by employee, by date, by type by amount, etc.) and re-order the columns as you wish.